Why people prefer wool?

Contrary to what other people believe, all wool is not itchy and rough. There are various sheep breeds with their identifiable characteristics. Some wool suits are better for rugs, while others are for fine lace. Aside from wider preferences that people can choose for their functional use, it has also many benefits such as resists wrinkles, stains and dirt, durable, repels moisture, retains shape, resists flames and comfortable in all times.

The durable qualities and natural properties of a wool protected individuals for more than years. It has developed some outstanding assets which you cannot found in other fibers. Nowadays, wool is being considered to become a luxury fiber, thus just because it provides a luxurious feature doesn’t mean it is an impractical choice to use in your home. Naturally, wool is a resilient fiber as you need to bend it many times before it breaks, making it a great contender. Now, it is being used in different products such as felt, blankets, carpeting, upholstery and insulation.

The excellence of wool relies on the scale structure, length, fiber fineness, cleanliness and color. The most singled out wools have very thin diameter, long length and fibers are free-defects. The sheep is very durable and strong, partly because of its felting characteristic. Fibers are resilient and can hold together by much turning and twisting, much like the hair lock. This kind of feature creates long lasting garments. Apart from that, wool has the capacity to absorb various different dyes uniformly, directly and deeply without using chemicals. Because of this skill, wool is identified for its rich and beautiful colors.

Wool is extremely a complex protein, evolved more than millions of years and used for protection from great variation of conditions and climates, used for household stuffs and many other beneficial things. Its unique characteristics made it one great choice for most people.

Wool is now considers as one very popular fabric that can be used to create multitude items. Not only has it provided clothing for cold weathers, but also for blankets, carpets, making thread and many others. Its practicality and easy to use made it as one great choice to make clothing and other objects. Wherever you go, there are different types of wool that you can see in the market. It only signifies how flexible this fiber can be used and not just for luxury types.

Types of Wool

There are different popular types of wool which makes it most used by all people. Some of them are:

  • Being named after the sheep’s breed, merino wool is one common wool. Its softness, sheen and warmth makes it popular as well as it doesn’t have fluffy spots or little balls when frequently washed.
  • Another well-known soft wool type that came from long-haired rabbit Angora. The fibers give loft as these are hallowed. The wool is very soft and lustrous, 2 ½ times warmer than the wool of sheep. It has great moisture-wicking feature and because the fibers are delicate, it is classically blended with the wool of sheep. Angora is such an admirable insulator, yet can be worn inside comfortably. It is lavish and characteristically used for luxury objects such as scarves, sweaters and undergarments.
  • Made from breed of a goat that is called Angora goat. The fiber is famous for being itchy and soft. Mohair is lightweight, durable and strong as well as it ‘breathes’. It doesn’t pill, crease or mat, and drapes well. Usual mohair comes in several beautiful colors and similar to alpaca, it is also used for first-class garments.
  • A kind of wool that came from the hair of Alpaca animal that has been gaining popularity. This fiber is similar to llamas except that they’ve been fully breed more than the years for fiber. Alpaca wool has good luster, lightweight, doesn’t easily pill and strong. Mostly, this fiber is utilized for high quality sweaters, suits, upholstery, blankets and more.
  • Another popular luxury and soft type of wool that came from the extra soft fleece of Cashmere goats. Cashmere wool grows under the coarser outer fur of the goat as well as gathered through combining the hair of goat. It’s very lightweight and fine plus the crimp helps fibers to interlock well after the spun. The ability to readily absorb moisture means that this wool could be worn securely even in hot conditions. Naturally, Cashmere is used for scarves, undergarments, sweaters and the coarser cashmere is being used for overcoats and suits.

Wool as Your Best Preference

Why wool does becoming popular? In terms of wonder fiber, wool is such a good one. Wool is a kind of fibrous protein coming from the hair follicles in sheep. Hair follicle is a skin part that grows hair. This is taken from the Caprinae family of animals, but mostly it is from sheep. Other animals include alpaca, vicuna, goats as well as camels also generate hair that may be utilized to create wool and any similar materials such as cashmere.

You may ever wonder what makes a woolly sweater and wool associates. Sheep, rabbit and alpaca produces a fiber and that is wool. In a process called shearing, wool is collected from animals, where it is shaved as well as taken away in order to washed and processed in yarn. For more than centuries, people already used wool due to its beneficial functions. It is such an exceptional fiber that absorbs the moisture, for example sweats and maintains the body warm and dry. Aside from that, it has lots of water and nitrogen which causes it to become less probable catching on fire. It has also usual waxy coating, making it water resistant and durable.

This kind of fiber has been utilized when it comes to clothing for over 2,000 years. Wool was very popular during Roman Empire periods, upon which shears had been familiarized in order to make extracting wool task much easier. Romans recognized that dissimilar sheep can produce different raw quality materials. Their realization directed them to present definite breeding programs, targeting at producing the highest quality of wool as possible.